Yellowstone Club | Big Sky, Montana

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Architectural & Attached Finishes  |  Shelter Interiors
General Contractor  |  Lohss Construction
Photography  |  Karl Neumann

The Modern Tudor remodel was a joint venture between Shelter Interiors, Lohss Construction and Varda Interiors.  The ultimate goal was to update the home to sell.  Before that could happen, we had to make it appealing to a broader audience.  Originally the home was designed with a Bavarian theme, which gave it a very specific style.  Shelter Interiors scope of the project was to transform the bones of the structure through updating the architectural finishes.  We developed a design plan, collaborating with Varda Interiors and Lohss Construction, and were able to keep the charm of the classic Tudor, yet add a contemporary lean. It was a success as the home sold within a short period of time.  We are always up for a good challenge!

Before Photos